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Time: 1.6 - 30.9.
Group size: 1-8 people

Hike and enjoy the nature

The best way to feel the infinite peace of Lapland is a hike through the forest and hills, which are called fells or “tunturi” in Finnish. You walk to the rugged fells and their barren tops, to the smoothly flowing streams and trek in the middle of the groves of small birch, a special birch of Lapland, fell birch.

In the wilderness of Lapland, you can hike for days without seeing any other people. You can enjoy the silence and nature of the unique northern wilderness.

In the wilderness, you have to know how to hike and navigate. You need to know how to cook your food and sleep in the wilds.

We will arrange a hiking tour for you according to your wishes and provide transportation, guidance and, if necessary, meals and lodging.

Hiking can take from one day to several days.


Tell us your expectations and wishes, and we will build yours once in a lifetime wilderness hike. Call us +358 (0)400 414 647 or email info@lapadventures.com

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