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Bird hunting

Time: 10.9 - 30.3.
Group size: 1-6 people

Hunting birds

We ski on forest skis in beautiful mountain scenery and hunt birds.

We hunt for the grouses 10.9.-30.3.

We hunt capercaillies and black grouses, 10.9.-10.11.

Hunting with dogs is one of the most elegant forms of bird hunting. A well-trained dog finds a bird and forces it into place. Then the dog, after commanded to do so, forces the bird to move so it can be shot.

We have German Pointers on our hunting trips, which will fetch grouses and other forest birds.

At the beginning of the hunting season, we walk on foot in beautiful autumn landscapes, and in winter, we ski on forest skis.

We take care of transportation, lodging, meals, guidance, and dogs.

Each participant needs to have a valid hunting card.

One day

Arrival at the Ivalo Airport, travel by car to Näätämö. Lunch.
We are moving to the fell area or hunting sites in Näätämö or Norway.
Sauna, dining, and overnight stay.

2nd day

After breakfast depart for the hunt. Light lunch and coffee or tea on nature. In the evening sauna, dinner and overnight stay.

Day 3

After breakfast, the hunting continues. Lunch in the forest. Sauna and dinner. Return to Ivalo Airport or Hotel.


Tell us your expectations and wishes, and we will build your once in a lifetime bird hunting trip in the wilderness. Call us +358 (0)400 414 647 or email info@lapadventures.com

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