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Fishing in Lapland

Time: 1.5 - 1.10.
Group size: 1-8 people


We make a fishing trip to the Arctic Ocean either to "Little Finland" i.e. Pykeija or to the Näätämövuono.

In Arctic waters, you can catch salmon, arctic char, grayling, trout, whitefish, perch, and pike, as well as other arctic fish such as cod and saithe.

We handle transportation, lodging, meals, guidance, fishing equipment, and fishing vessel.

Below is an example of a three-day fishing trip.

One day

Arrival at Ivalo Airport, from where we transfer to the Arctic Ocean. On arrival, we will stay close to the Norwegian border or at Pykeija. We take the travel stress out in the sauna and enjoy a dinner made of Lappish ingredients. We aim to start sea fishing before the meal if possible, depending on the flights.

2nd day

The journey continues towards the Varanger fjord and the best fishing waters of the Arctic Ocean. If you wish, we can check crab traps during the trip. At sea, you can catch catfish/wolffish, cod, saithe, haddock, black cod, and halibut, for example. Fishing ends, and we head towards our place to stay. A warm sauna awaits us. After the sauna, we have dinner before going to bed.

Day 3

After breakfast, we explore the Skolt Sámi life at the Neiden Museum and Lake Sevetti. Then the journey continues back to the airport. We have lunch in Ivalo.


Tell us your expectations and wishes, and we will build you a memorable fishing trip in the Arctic waters.

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