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Elk hunting

Time: 1.9 - 30.11.
Group size: 1-4 people


Elk hunt starts every year in September. We organize elk hunting based on the old Lapland Hunters' way - man and elk put against one another.

The traditional elk hunting of the Lapland men is based on an excellent understanding of the terrain and honed skills to survive in the wilderness.

We hunt elks in the wilderness where you can experience the atmosphere of traditional forest life with its campfires and genuinely fascinating scenery.

If you wish, you can sleep under the silent sky on a special tent build of spruce branches, called “Laavu” and you are kept warm by a Lapland style log fire. Truly something different than spending a night in a hotel.

We take care of transportation, lodging, meals, guidance, and everything else needed.

Each participant must have passed a shooting test, and a hunting card must be valid.


Tell us your expectations and wishes, and we will build a once in a lifetime hunting trip in the wilderness to you.

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