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Lakes, rivers, and streams flow through the Sevettijärvi-Näätämö area, where the mixed forests change into resin-scented pine forests and dense groves of fell-birch to wide-open fells.


We're at the gates of the Arctic Ocean.




Lapland's nature lives and breathes as the seasons change. 

We will organize the wilderness experience of your life in the beautiful scenery of Lapland's and Norway's ruggedly beautiful landscape.

We know every rock, stump, and waters because we have lived here all our lives. We know how nature moves through seasons and what experiences it can offer.

Autumn enchants with its colorfulness, winter with its glittering snowfields, spring with its glowing greenness and summer with its bright nights. Every season is different. Every season is unique.

Find the boundless beauty of the Wilderness

EXPERIENCE THE Wilderness with us

You tell us what interests you, and we will build the wilderness experience of your life.

We operate in Inari, Ivalo, Saariselkä and Lapland of Norway.

We have ready-made packages, but we can always make the program according to your interests. We arrange accommodation, meals, and transfers. For meetings or workshops, we take care of the facilities needed for the job.

We can take you to hike, biking, rowing, kayaking, fishing, snowmobiling, hunting, watching the Northern Lights, taking photos, or enjoying a campfire in the silence of the Wilderness.

We rent equipment such as tents, boats, and snowmobiles. You will always have the right equipment to travel in the Wilderness 


The Sevettijärvi-Näätämö area is famous for having lots of lakes, even in Finland. Highest fells are Vainospää (268 m) and Villavaara (344 m).


If you want to stay in the middle of nature in the Wilderness, three cottages await you by the lake.

It is easy to relax after a fishing or hunting trip in the cottage, but also to hold informal meetings or brainstorming sessions.

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We have experienced wilderness guides, and we know how to move in nature. We will take you safely on a guided wilderness excursion. 

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